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[Please scroll down for additional information about selling us specific types of merchandise]


Selling your unwanted valuables to Blue Diamond is a totally transparent experience.  We're the experts so we go first: we never ask you "What are you looking to get for it?" as others do.  We calmly and thoroughly examine your items and tell you exactly what we're thinking throughout the process.  We answer your questions and share third-party technical and market data with you so that you'll understand exactly what you own.  Then, we make our most aggressive offer the first time: it's not necessary to argue with us to get a better price.  You don't have to like what we tell you, but every syllable will be true and accurate.  That's just part of the Blue Diamond way.


State law requires us to scan your current government-issued identification whenever we buy anything from you; that is for stolen property control.  Except for very specific cases related to your sale of certain precious metal bullion (see Sell Us Your Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Bullion, below), we are not required to report any details of your transaction to any government agency.  Your private business is just that: yours and private.  Blue Diamond totally respects and protects your privacy.


Once we've all agreed on a price, we will pay you in cash, by check or via bank wire at your discretion.  Payment of $10,000 or more in cash requires us to file a Form 8300 with the IRS.


Not sure if you want to sell?  That's OK!  In fact, even if your items are not for sale, we're happy to sit down with you and help you to understand any and all aspects of whatever you own; there's never a charge to talk to us and there's never any pressure for you to sell.  Find out why government agencies and local banks choose Blue Diamond for their appraisals and liquidations.


Diamonds jewelry gemstones
Black and white diamond ring icon

[Please scroll to the top of this page to see additional useful information about how to sell your unwanted valuables to Blue Diamond.]


Our Blue Diamond experts are qualified to authenticate and analyze whatever jewelry, watches, diamonds or gemstones you show us. Sometimes, though, it's helpful for us to see any third-party paperwork you may have related to your merchandise. Certificates for GIA-certified diamonds and gemstones, as well as original boxes and papers for wristwatches, can actually add value, too.


Even your worn out, out-of-style and broken jewelry may have significant value, so don't forget to show us that. Also, we routinely make offers on pieces we discover among our customers' costume jewelry, so please don't assume that we're not interested in whatever you may have.  It pays to clean out your jewelry box! Recycle the old to finance the new or just to raise some needed cash.


Bags, wallets, scarves
Black and white handbag icon

[Please scroll to the top of this page to see additional useful information about how to sell your unwanted valuables to Blue Diamond.]


Designer handbag brands rise and fall in popularity.  For example, as of this writing, our experience is that a Coach bag needs to be in like-new condition in order to attract a buyer, but we can resell almost any Louis Vuitton bag, even if it has a bullet hole in it!  Show us whatever designer bags, wallets, keychains, luggage, belts & scarves you may have: we do not deal in clothing, shoes, gloves or sun glasses.


When you offer us this merchandise, please bring any related dust bags or certificates of authenticity you may have.

Currency, coins, collectables


Black and white coin balancing on a stack of bills icon

[Please see additional useful information at the top of this page about how to sell your unwanted valuables to Blue Diamond.]  


Coins, currency and collectibles may be valuable for their rarity, condition, material composition and/or simply for their market demand.  The age of the merchandise has nothing to do with its worth.  Unless you are competent at judging the things that matter, it’s impossible for you to assign accurate value to your merchandise.  That’s where Blue Diamond comes in.


For decades, our team of experts has been examining, identifying, sorting, sourcing and evaluating millions of items in these categories.  When you show your merchandise to Blue Diamond, you tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience that would take you years to achieve.  We offer you access to our team at no charge.  Let us help you to understand what you have and to form a plan for liquidation that makes sense while maximizing your income.


Please show us your unwanted valuables.  Or, tell us about them.  We even make house calls for the right merchandise.  Don’t clean these items.  Don’t try to improve them in any way.  Collectors want originality, and it’s possible that your efforts will do more harm than good.  If something needs attention, please just leave it to the experts.


Pre-1965 U.S. dimes, quarters & half dollars

1965-1970 U.S. half dollars

silver dollars

obsolete type coins

silver proof sets & mint sets

large size banknotes

$500 & $1000 bills

fractional & postal currency

Confederate currency & bonds

Republic of Texas banknotes

early Mexican material

bulk wheat cents & foreign coins

...& all other coins & currency!



Hard Times tokens

Civil War tokens

so-called dollars

...& all other medals & tokens



select historic documents & maps

select autographs

select certified sports memorabilia

...please offer us your other collectibles & curios, too!


When great collections are sold, they're sold at auction!  Coin World columnist, Michael Bugeja, has ranked Blue Diamond's coin auctions among the Top 10 internet coin auctions.  Please consider us whenever you buy or sell.

Gold, silver, etc


Black and white bullion bars icon

[Please see additional useful information at the top of this page about how to sell your unwanted valuables to Blue Diamond.]  


Blue Diamond is a professional precious metals trading company licensed by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit (Registration #214301).  Adam Bluestein (TDLR License #16643) & David Bluestein (TDLR License #16604), co-hosts of KLUP radio's "In The Money", have been trading precious metals in all forms since the early 1980s.  We represent a variety of refiners & wholesalers enabling us to buy and sell almost any quantity of almost any form of almost any precious metal commodity.



American Eagles & Buffalos

Canadian Maple Leafs

Chinese Pandas

Mexican Pesos

Krugerrands, Philharmonics, Kangaroos

Ballerinas, Coronas, Ducats, Sovereigns,

...& all other monetized bullion!


Engelhard, Johnson Matthey,

Credit Suisse, PAMP Suisse

Royal Canadian Mint

Perth Mint


Silvertowne, Republic

...& all other privately-minted bullion!


U.S. 90% silver dollars (since 1795)

U.S. 90% "junk" silver (pre-1965)

U.S. 40% silver quarters, halves & dollars

U.S. 35% silver war nickels

...please offer us your other precious metals bullion, too!

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