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We love educated customers!  

Let us help you to understand what you own. We’re teachers at heart, and we like to think out loud while we examine and evaluate your unwanted valuables.  That’s your chance to ask questions about anything at all. If one team member doesn’t have your answer, another one will!


In the list below, you can access links to the same data, tables, scales and charts that we use every day that allow us to be so sure of ourselves.  We’ve even included glossaries and narratives to provide background and comprehensive overviews of the categories in which we specialize.  And, to start off this library of links, we’ve created our own content to share with you the insiders’ view of professional trading.  


Please come see us at Blue Diamond!  And, enjoy exploring the insightful information, below.

What's Hot & What's Not

How Jewelry Is Priced

12 Facts of Life

What Those Stamps On Your Jewelry Mean

The Magnet Test

How To Search On eBay

Common Coins & Currency You May Have

Numismatics Info
Diamonds and Gems Info
Bullion Info
Designer Bags Info
Watch Info
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