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Auction Services


Auction Services

Our auction services are an extension of our consignment services, so please carefully read the information we provide on that page to understand the process and examine the terms and conditions of our easy-to-understand consignment agreement.


All of the fiduciary responsibilities we assume and the protections we offer with an ordinary consignment extend to our auction services, as well.  However, auction is an additional level of marketing that ensures that an item, or even a building full of items, will ultimately sell, but only to the highest bidder.  With legal, totally transparent methods to protect the seller's interests, let us show your merchandise to tens of thousands... or more... pre-qualified bidders in a live or online-only auction, or a combination of both.  Although our jewelry and coin auctions are known and respected nationwide and beyond, we have also auctioned vehicles, real estate, and the entire contents of retail stores and factories.  Public auction, with trustworthy lot descriptions and sharp, revealing photography, allows our buyers all over the world to bid with confidence that they'll get what they paid for, and they'll receive it fast.

When great collections are sold, they're sold at auction.  For example, you may be able to offer your coin collection to every coin dealer in town.  But, for our coin auctions, we offer your coin collection to every coin dealer in town and make them compete against each other for the privilege of owning it; then, we offer it to our thousands of regular coin auction subscribers, plus hundreds of thousands of other coin collectors who discover your lots in internet searches during the preview period.  In the end, the local dealers end up with very little from your collection.  "Coin World" magazine's Michael Bugeja rated our coin auctions among the very best coin auctions online.  We bring that same depth of knowledge, quality of production, and execution of our duties to every auction in every category and for every auction that we conduct.

Of our 400 past auctions, the latest are available for your review in our auction archives.  Take a tour and get an idea of the professionalism we bring to the table.  Then, let's explore the possibilities!

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