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Hundreds of times each day, Blue Diamond team members answer the question, "What is it, what's it worth, and what do I do with it?"  We examine items within our categories of expertise including all types of jewelry, diamonds and gemstones, handbags, coins and currency, and any type of precious metal bullion.  We also assess silverware and hollowware, swords and knives, Montblanc pens, and a variety of curios and collectibles.  

Although we don't directly deal in china, porcelain, crystal and other decorative items, we are experienced and knowledgeable and qualified to speak intelligently and provide guidance toward the liquidation of your unwanted valuables.  In each case, we invite you to sit down and talk things over with one of our experts for free and without obligation.  We want to be your trusted resource, and we're willing to work for free to help you understand what you have and to hear our best offer for your merchandise.


When you need a written, signed statement of authenticity, grade and value of an item, Blue Diamond provides that document at a rate of $95 per hour with a minimum charge of $95.  These assessments are made in good faith to the best of our ability but are neither an offer to buy nor to sell the merchandise described.

The value of an item is a subjective opinion.  It also varies depending on the appropriate definition of the word "value".  For modern commercial jewelry, a formal written appraisal for insurance purposes must reflect the price that a jeweler would charge for a brand-new replacement at a full retail price with no discounts.  Alternatively, at our customers' request, commercial jewelry may be valued considering its estate (used) replacement cost in order to minimize an additional premium charged to insure that merchandise.


For rare coins, the appraisal would state the current retail replacement cost from national-level dealers.


For the purpose of settling an estate in which heirs want to receive their inheritance in shares of equal value, retail replacement costs are meaningless: our appraisals would reflect the amount that the heirs could expect to receive from dealers who are treating them fairly.


A Blue Diamond appraisal, then, would show meaningful values specific to the purpose of the appraisal.  And, as always, let's have a full discussion to form a meeting of the minds before we put pen to paper.


Bottom line:  We understand your merchandise and we understand how to value it appropriately.  It all begins with a conversation. We're ready when you are!

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